A Technology Firm

NRTD Corporation is a versatile technology firm, whose work is divided into three business critical domains – consulting, IT solutions and digital. Our work is ‘business critical’ in the sense that, in today’s world, businesses need our solutions to compete and efficiently manage their operations. IT and information systems are at the core of all businesses, from large to small, and we have tailored our solutions to match businesses of all sizes. Similarly, every business needs consulting to identify key deficiencies and correct them. And, in a social world, digital solutions are important in maintaining a presence, engaging customers and marketing – bringing in our solutions that build presences (e.g websites, social profiles, apps) for customers on the web, social media (networks such as Facebook and Twitter) and mobile (including apps).


NRTD Corporation's flagship offering is the development of software, custom-made to fit an organisation's requirements and processes. We understand that IT solutions and products are often not the best answer - and 'one size doesn't fit all'. This is where our highly experienced, highly skilled teams of software engineers, developers, architects and designers comes in.

IT Solutions

NRTD offers a number of client-tailored IT solutions, designed to solve problems, automate processes and introduce efficiency in companies. Such solutions are often the next step after consulting.


Consulting is often the first step in designing a solution and often the best way to discover ways of improving a company's operations. At NRTD, consulting is divided into technology, management, business development and image,


With the advent of the cloud, social media and a new digital age, NRTD is well equipped as a provider of a number of digital solutions and services. NRTD Corporation owns and operates a digital agency, a content/communications company amd a creative agency.